There may be delivery delays due to territorial restrictions regarding Covid-19 emergency.

For orders from Russia and Ukraine, please contact


Sicap makes shipments with express service by forwarder agent:

  • TNT for Italy in 1 or 2 working days
  • DHL for Romania and Poland in 4 or 5 working days

  • DHL for the other Countries all around the World in 2 or 3 working days

The shipment is for free in United States and CanadaItaly and European Union's Countries (except: Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)

The shipments for Russia are by mail EMS and the delivery time is 2 weeks.


Sicap will issue a commercial note for purchased products, sent with the goods. The commercial note is issued in accordance with the information provided by the Customer. No change of data is possible after the commercial note has been issued.

For shipments for Extra Cee countries the custom duties are on charge of the clients.

The delivery is operated by specialized carriers within 3-4 (three-four) working days after the purchase, if items are available, or within 30-40 (thirty–forty) working days after the purchase for products to be manufactured.

Delivery will be operated without setting a specific day and time, and at street level for shipments in Italy.

In case of an order with more than one product the shipments could be separated and items delivered on different days.

If the first delivery attempt is not successful, the carrier will call the telephone number provided by the Customer and also printed on the address attached to the parcel.

The carrier will try twice to deliver products to the address indicated by the Customer. In the case these attempts are not successful, products will be kept in stock at the carrier’s warehouse for 5 (five) working days available to the Customer.

In the case products are not withdrawn by the Customer within the above-mentioned term, the order will be automatically cancelled, and products returned to Sicap. Sicap will return the amount paid for purchased products, minus all expenses related to order management, shipment, storage and return shipment.

Upon delivery of products, the Customer shall check that package is not damaged, wet or anyhow altered, including packaging materials (e.g. adhesive tapes).

In case a package and/or product is clearly damaged, the Customer is entitled to refuse delivery of products, which will be returned to Sicap with no extra charge for the Customer.

After the delivery paper has been signed, the Customer cannot complain about the external conditions of delivered products.

Any problems regarding the physical integrity, correspondence or completeness of products received must be immediately indicated to Sicap to activate warranty conditions.



If the Customer is a consumer (i.e. a person buying products for any purposes not referring to his/her professional activities, or does not provide any personal VAT number to Sicap srl upon purchasing the products), the rights indicated by the art. 64 of the Italian Code of Consumption are applicable within the limits set by the legislation, therefore the right to terminate the purchase contract for any reason, with no further explanation or penalty, according to the following procedures. 
The termination right is applied by sending a registered letter with advice of receipt – within 14 (fourteen) working days after products are received:

  • E-MAIL - addressed to 
  • FORM - To login and go to your own orders. Make a request on the specific purchase

Consumers are not entitled to apply this termination right for products made to measure or clearly customized, or – due to their nature – cannot be sent back, or risk deteriorating quickly.

The termination communication shall specify the intention to withdraw from purchase, and the product or products for which the termination right is applied, with the corresponding commercial note in attachment.
In the case the termination is exercised through written communication, products shall be returned within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date they are received, with the new shipment of products to the following address:


Sicap srl
Via San Crispino, 37
63821 Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM)


Free shipment returning costs for the following Countries:


Both costs are charged to the Customers that come from all Countries excluded from the previous list.



It’s possible to give back the products purchased online even going at boutique of Milan. Here you can find the address. Please, contact us by email at for a previous authorization.


LE SILLA STORE           
3, Sant'Andrea St.
20121 Milan, Italy
Visit on Site



  • the right is applied to single products purchased as a whole;
  • purchased products shall not be damaged, and they must be returned in their original and complete package in all its parts (including the actual package and accessory documentation);
  • shipment is under full Customer’s responsibility.

If the termination right has been properly applied, Sicap will refund the amount already paid to the Customer, within 14 (fourteen) days after purchased goods have been received.


The prices and promotional offers applied are those valid at the time of purchase.
In the case of a subsequent purchase of an exactly identical item in the same size, following a new and more advantageous promotion, Le Silla will not accept the return of the article with the higher price and will reimburse the amount paid for the item with the lower price, even if the period allowed for making a return request has not yet elapsed.