Evan is an american actress born in 1987. When she was only 7 she moved to L.A to find her destiny. She becomes famous thanks to her performance in the movie Thirteen (2003) receiving a nomination for best female performance at Golden Globe. Lately she acts in movies like Down in the Valley and The Missing by Ron Howard (2007). She carries on her career taking part in The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke and in 2009 she has been choosen by Woody Allen for his movie Whatever Works and by international directors like George Clooney and Robert Redford.

EVAN RACHEL WOOD - Jazz Bar PerformanceJazz Bar Performance - 2019
EVAN RACHEL WOOD - Gold Sequin Cocktail partyGold Sequin Cocktail party - 2018
EVAN RACHEL WOOD - Late Night ShowLate Night Show - 2018