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Enio and Monica tell you about passion and enthusiasm of losing ourselves in dreams, shapes, heels, colours and accessories. It all started 20 years ago with that image of a new femininity in black and white. They started off with the famous 10cm of seduction giving shape to a personal idea of charm and femininity. Today the collections landscape is larger and attentive to the needs of women, from everyday needs to special occasions, while inevitable urban contaminations give a "rock" accent to the collections. Luxury in pure Made in Italy Style is has always been the leitmotif of our mission.


The brand was founded by Enio Silla and Monica Ciabattini in 1994 building a Company that stands out for its details and style from the start. After we dedicated ourselves to expanding the retail network, in Italy in Milan and Florence, and abroad opening cornershops and flagships: from Moscow to Dubai throughout Kuwait City, Almaty and Bucharest. The trend of growth has been very satisfying, allowing us to realize the new headquarter with a brand restyling. We believe that a great opera is played by a large orchestra, boys and girls who have become men and women of talent. Personality and sacrifice have made themselves instruments for this wonderful concert.